10 May 2018


This has to be one of my favorite projects to date in SA. Forget the fact that these brothers are my friends and I know em like that. Im talking from a musical perspective, they have been putting together some dope music with well backed videos from the first joint they recorded titled Saturday Sunday to the newly released single and video Swigono. Magita have been too sick with it and trust me im not just saying that. If you dont know who Joint Pusher or Stan B are then you best do your home work and stop sleeping on that good piff.
I am featured on the album, the only feature to be exact, on a track called Look At You. Im overwhelmed in their trust on my graphic skills, and allowing me to work on their album cover which turned out to be...
 (Ill let yal finish the blanks on that one..lol)

My favorite joint on the project is not the one im featured on fortunately coz kats got that flavour/ too much sauce if you know what I mean. DiDumane, the title joint is my banger on the project when you hear it you will understand why.
Get yourself a copy anywhere on the net and support good music when it drops...

Track List

Fire On The Mountain

 Social Commentary Forum are back again with another fresh musical piece from their follow up album called SoCo Flow 2. The single is titled Fire on the mountain and features the legendary golden mic holder Zubz the last letter, Lerato Lichaba of Urban Village, Ginger on the vocals and SCF fornt men Shynin Armour & Joint Pusher. 

A beautifully put together collaboration of the hardest working artists in both the independent and mainstream musical scene. This is a musical fusion of Hip Hop with African Indigenous sounds for a musical piece that fires up the soul, the kind of soul motivation on some never give up and give it your all kind of elevation. This song is dedicated to all lovers of good music who feel inspired by great vibes while tuned in to reality.