09 February 2017



Since its the Month of "LOVE"
#SCF got in studio with the ever so talented Jalen Guloi and cooked up
something for all love birds to enjoy!
This will not only be the first single for 2017,
 but also the first single from the collective since their debut album in 2015.
The new single is dropping soon.
Its all Love!

07 February 2017

New MixTape Alert!!!

THE K.I.M MIXTAPE - [2017]

 Shynin Armour is at it again. This time with another mind blowing 20 track Mixtape release titled: The K.I.M (Keep It Moving) Mixtape. The project features various talented artists and a viarity of producers from across the country. 
Following his June 2016 Album Rugged Soweto Stories of Afrika (RSSA) which is the final chapter to the continues trilogy Rong, Ruff & Rugged, which in his words "Is the dopest Project that is being slept on by any true school Hip Hop Fan is SA and the continent as a whole." 
The Mixtape was released as a free download to his fans and lovers of music to show appreciation and giving back for all the support he has received in his 10 years in the game as a recording artist since his first release in 2007.
The Project is packed with new & unreleased music that never made it on to any projects hes worked on, fused with music that he's had the privilege to feature on with other great artists. 
In his words:
I feel i have come a long way since i first released in 2007. The growth has been rapid and full of progress that i feel its only right to start the year 2017 on a new note and make room for more growth and allow change to take its course for new challenges i will face as an artist. I am releasing a link all the music i i have recorded but never made it on any project i have released, this is music i had planned on releasing in future but i feel is too old to hold on too. i hope this inspires someone out there. Hope you play this music from start to finish and not just skip through it (I mean where is the fun in that?)
With that said Download The K.I.M Mixtape and enjoy the sounds of Hip Hop like you have never herd it before or in a long time from The Ill MILITANT himself.